Laws In Relation To Martin's Day

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Youths are an unique group in the legal system. In Queensland, there are specific laws and sections of laws specifically created to relate to young people. These laws are purposefully created to protect the futures of young people. This essay will cover two laws that affect youths in relation to Martin's day, an analysis on the purpose and objectives of the laws and an evaluation on the effectiveness at meeting the aims. One issue that youths of the society face today is in relation to employment. The law in relation to work can be found in Child Employment Act 2006 (Qld) and Child Employment Regulation 2006 (Qld). Child Employment Act 2006 (Qld) s7 states that a school-aged child is a child who is under 16 years of age; and is required to …show more content…

They exist due to the fact that teenagers are not old enough to make responsible decisions and understand the consequences, as their brains are not fully developed. These laws are made to meet and fulfil the purposes of the Youth Justice Act 1992 (Qld). The first main purpose is to help these young people become functioning members of the society. The youth system is designed to focus on rehabilitation, as they do not want to ruin the offender's future. As a result, there are programs in place to help children in danger of recidivism such as aggression replacement training to prevent such events from happening. There are also court-ordered programs such as: graffiti removal orders and programs, conditional bail programs, community service orders, probation orders, supervised release orders, conditional release orders, intensive supervision orders, and, court ordered camps, and as a last resort, youth detention (Queensland Government, 2016). These programs help the offender to accept responsibility for their actions and to rehabilitate their behaviour to allow them to become functioning members of society. The second purpose of the youth justice system is to protect young people. DrinkWise Australia states that "…Drinking alcohol as a teenager disrupts brain development during a critical phase of growth…". The youth drinking laws limits the ability of youths to drink to allow the …show more content…

There are laws about specific issues such as employment and underage drinking that greatly affect and regulate activities and behaviours youths can participate in, as discussed through Martin's Day scenario. The objectives the law include protection and rehabilitation to guide young persons to become functioning members of society. Although the laws exist for good reasons, the effectiveness of the laws can be questioned. This is due to inconsistencies in punishments and age limits. Queensland should amend some the laws to fix the inconsistencies and increase the effectiveness of the

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