Laws Of European History And Todays American Legal System

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Laws in European History and Todays American Legal System: Examining European Law and the Differences between the Legal Systems Marissa Johnston LA201 Minnesota School of Business Laws, Crimes, and Courts during 1547-1789 Europe and Today Laws in today’s society have undoubtedly been influenced by those between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries in Europe. Striking similarities can be found between both legal systems. For this reason, it is important to analyze these influences to better understand our own laws and practices. I will be focusing on what the laws were, why they were created, how they were enforced, how they affected society, and how religion significantly influenced them. The …show more content…

From a particular record in France of a lawsuit, we witness this form of law being followed. The father “obliges himself to give and pay her, each month for the next two full years, one écu soleil, the first term of payment falling due the last day of February coming up” for the raising of the child. This was not always the case, however. The men who refused to follow such guidelines usually did so successfully. Without adequate techniques to prove paternity in the sixteenth century, the law was very unreliable. Today, the legal system will require a paternity test if there is question of who the father is. In the sixteenth century before this technology was available, it was difficult to prove who the father was. They had to rely on witness accounts and testimony only. Often the father simply denying parenthood was all that was necessary to out-maneuver the law. If this happened, the mother would often face disaster and poverty. Faced with this predicament, unlawful actions often had to be taken. Since many women could not get the father to pay child support, pregnancy outside of marriages often lead to infanticide. Women could not afford to feed and care for these children. As infanticide rates increased, very strict and unforgiving laws were made to punish it. Mothers were required to report all pregnancies. If they did not,

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