Laws of Life

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“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” How does one explain the sensation of that mystical? Almost never is it explained within tangible description. Almost always it is explained within a range of feelings, and other than bodily expressions; one cannot use their five primal to sense emotions. How does one explain the emotion of love? If it is with any of the five senses, then surely their feelings are lust. What is faith? Belief in the unproved. How can one prove what they have faith in, if not by science or some earthly sensation? It is by that which is not sensed by the eye, but felt by the heart. Those who do not see by heart are those who harm others. Those who do not see by heart will, at some point, break others’. They who use their eyes to judge are the bullies in life. They who rely on their eyes are the cheats, and subsequently; the victims of the manipulators. Those who know the invisible know only peace. They are the ones who shelter others’ hearts. They who use their hearts to judge know not to bully in life; for they know that everyone, including themselves, have something to learn. They who know how to trust their hearts do not fall prey to manipulation, and know better than to manipulate. The difference between those with trust in the heart and those who place too much petty trust in their eyes is a billionaire (about the spirit with trust in their heart) and a beggar
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