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This 54 year ld AAM. Patient has a history o fDM, HTN, and hyperlipidemia. Patient's current medications are Glipizide 10 mg BID, ASA 81 mg QD, Triamtereine /HCTZ 75/50 mg, Pravastatin 40 mg QHS, and lorsatan 300 mg QD. Patient states he is taking all mthe medications as prescribed, and he thought he was doing fine. Patient states no one in the Federal Prison System had checked his A1C in several years. The patient's A1C today is greather than 14 %. Patient denies buller vision, headache, chest pain, SOB, N/V/D, or fever. The patient denies decreased sensation of his feet, increased thirst or urination. Patient denies any depressive moods. The patient is here with his wife and had a long disussion with the plan of care for his DM, HTN, and
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