Mental Health Claimant

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Claimant reports history of multiple medical complaints. Since the age of 60 she reports struggling with urinary incontinence, which impacts her functioning at work. She reports feeling ashamed and guilty that she is unable to control her urination and has the need to periodically utilize the restroom or go to her car taking time away from her responsibilities. In the past few years claimant has severe intensification of physical symptoms, including back pain, right shoulder and hand weakness, blood pressure, headaches, sleep difficulty, and depression-related fluctuating appetite, fatigue and sluggishness. She reports experiencing heart palpitations present (racing heart), dizziness, and fear of actual fainting, a feeling of choking and not being able to breathe, chest pains, nausea or intestinal pains, shortness of breath, tremors in the hands, hot flashes and tunnel vision. The claimant reports that she sleeps very minimally; averaging 3-4 hours of sleep per night on an interrupted basis due to physical and emotional pain. She reports that she has very poor mobility due to pain and depression-related poor motivation. PSYCHIATRIC HISTORY…show more content…
She denies past and current suicidal and homicidal ideation, attempt and plan. SUBSTANCE ABUSE The claimant denies any history of using alcohol, cocaine, PCP, heroin, nicotine, methamphetamine use, or the use of any other illegal
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