Leadership Innate Or Learned?

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Leadership Innate Or Learned Remember that kid in middle school who always led the crew, just exuded charisma and got everyone to follow them? Do you ever remember thinking- how, how did they do that? Of course this situation doesn’t apply to all aspects of life but it does serve as an example to age old question. Are leaders born or made? This question may sound vague at first but when I say are leaders born or made I mean did that kid in your middle school have something you didn’t in your genetics and do those genes determine who leads. I mean if you look through history you can make a case for each side, people such as Alexander the Great related the son of King seemed to have leadership wired him, he excelled in everything he tried and became one of the greatest leaders in history. We look at a family like the Kennedys who always seem to have some form of power, one can say it 's just good connection but it’s hard to argue against the leadership that seems to flow through their family. Then you can look at the life of someone like Abraham Lincoln who failed continuously until he reached the highest position in America, in one situation leadership is a process and in the other leadership is within one from birth. This question and the answer is one that is very critical to society. All these colleges and business stress leadership and if it 's innate instead of learned people who don’t show leadership just don’t stand a chance. One side of the coin would argue that
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