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Leadership Effectiveness
There are many different approaches to leadership, which can be dependent upon the task at hand. Some leaders are authoritative, making all the decisions for group members and allowing no space for error or input. There are those who may opt to take the President Obama approach with a more democratic leadership role, inviting the ideas of others and encouraging open communication and staff participation. Then there are the servant leaders whom are largely respected and followed due to their popularity among the people. Although each style has their own characteristics there is still one thing they all have in common and that is the commitment and dedication to the betterment of an organization or cause.
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Motivating people to push themselves as I do and encouraging them to reach beyond their own expectations to foster confidence in themselves will only benefit the whole team in the long run and ultimately the team’s goal.
Finding meaning and quality in my work is probably the most important factor contributing to my leadership skills. Some other characteristics of a transformational leader includes charisma, inspiration, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration. Transformational leaders possess self-confidence, self-direction, and an absence of internal conflict. They have insight into their followers ' needs and utilize this to positively influence their followers. Four important characteristics of the transformational leader include being an effective communicator, possessing inspirational traits, having a trustworthy character, and promoting teamwork (Smith, 2011). This leadership style is particularly effective in the workplace. Encouraging positivity and open communication allows others to feel comfortable with transformational leaders. This conveys a message to individuals making them feel important and valued. The transformational leader’s empathetic qualities are important when connecting with others. It enables leaders to adapt to individuals communication styles and respect their thoughts and opinions.
The effectiveness of being a transformational leader can be seen in the workplace. As it promotes a healthy environment for employees and
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