Leadership Style Of Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Stalin was the political leader of the Soviet Union during the twentieth century. Stalin’s leadership style was most commonly defined as brutal due to him abolishing private ownership, as well as his numerous political purges that resulted in the deaths of thousands of officials within the communist party. While in the end Stalin did lead the Soviets to win World War II, a large number of lives were lost in the process.

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian born, twentieth century Fascist German dictator with a dream of creating a dominant race of pure “Aryans” who he hoped would go on to rule the third German Empire. Hitler is well known for his involvement and leadership in the Nazi party where he authorized and supported the the killing over over six million jews. Adolf Hitler also invaded Poland in 1939 which started World War II, this was was concluded when Hitler committed suicide upon the realization that he would in fact lose the war to Stalin.

“Stalin’s leadership was unbelievably poor and wholly amateurish” (Rubinstein 2012). While Joseph Stalin and his followers were the ones who ended up on top at the end of World War II, Many believe that had Hitler not decided to delegate needed soldiers and weapons to the threats coming from the western allies than he would have had a much greater chance of winning over Stalin. “…arguing that Nazi Germany almost won its war with the Soviet Union. Hitler might well have won. Germany consistently suffered a tiny fraction of

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