Leadership : Transformational And Transactional Leadership

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Within an international organization, the choice of leadership is highly important to build a successful organization. There are two types of leadership, which includes transformational and transactional leadership. This essay will examine the advantages and disadvantages of transformational leadership and how Apple has used leadership to build a successful organization. Steve jobs, the former CEO of Apple Company, and a transformational leader took a small computer company and transformed it into a huge electronic company, which is now the most popular brand, and one of the largest companies in the world.
Leadership is necessary in all organizations in order for its objectives to be achieved. Leadership is the procedure of motivating people to behave in specific ways in order to attain certain goals. Leadership is about making decisions to achieve an organisational objective and helping to establish the ‘style’ and ‘culture’ of an organisation- “the way it operates”. (Hannagan, 2008) A leader should be able to look forward and identify the ways ahead. This means that leaders should have followers and should be able to share collective goals with them. Leaders decide ‘where we are going’ and influence people to take that particular direction, rather than describe ‘how we are going to get there’. (Hannagan, 2008)
There are certain qualities, which are the key to a leaders success. First of all, leaders should be enthusiastic about their work and should have the courage to

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