Leadership Within The Work Force

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Leadership is a technique to bring different individuals together to form a team by maximizing their potential in order to accomplish a common goal. By knowing and understanding the various theories of organizational leadership can aid individuals in expanding and developing their abilities within leadership. Furthermore, leaders practice different leadership styles and theories contingent upon the circumstances and necessities required to successfully achieve objectives. As an example, some leaders may use the transformational theory as a method to maintain communication among workers to motivate them to get the job done. Leaders apply transactional theory as a way to provide rewards or punishment according to performance to motivate followers (Voon, Lo, Ngui & Ayob, 2011). The future of an organization rest on its leadership’s capability to lead and it is important that leaders use each theory for organizational leadership depending on the current condition to efficiently inspire and foster individuals to achieve each goal that is set before them.
I am currently serving in the United States Air Force as a Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of my section. My job is to sustain an interconnected team that preform well as whole, enjoy what they are doing, work hard, enhance personal and group abilities in hopes to assist in the development of all our journeys as successful leaders. “Leadership is relational; it happens among people, and it is

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