Lean Manufacturing : An Overview

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An Overview

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I. Lean Manufacturing Overview: 2
a. Introduction: 2
b. Manufacturing management: 2
c. Lean as a management approach: 3
II. Lean Manufacturing Principles: 3
III. Wastes in Lean Manufacturing: 4
IV. Performance Measurements: 5
V. Implementation of Lean: 5
VI. Barriers to implement lean: 7

The cement industry is ideal example of the continuous process manufacturing where the traditional mass production system is adopted in order to produce, accumulate, and move thousands tons of materials between the work areas. The nowadays challenge is to change the cement industry from traditional mass production into more effective production system aiming to increase the productivity, overall performance, and capacity utilization to meet high marker demand. The cement industry is forced to reduce the production costs and delay times in order to take advantages in the global competition environments.
I. Lean Manufacturing Overview:
In the twentieth century two major manufacturing revolutions have been introduced. Both revolutions have been developed at the automobile sector. The first revolution was mass production. In the 1900s the demand for cars has raised dramatically, and the automobile sector has become very competitive. Craft production has dominated the automobile sector; in fact using of the craft production was inadequate to manage the high demand at that period. In that

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