Learning And Personal Growth For Students Of Poverty

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Module 4 Application Activity: Instilling Change Please read Chapter 5 of Teaching with Poverty in Mind. This chapter provides suggestions for changes that school districts can make to enhance learning and personal growth for students of poverty. Please choose three action steps the chapter suggests, that you would like to see your district implement to help you reach your students of poverty. For each action step, explain how you would implement it successfully at the classroom level, and the positive outcomes you would expect to see in your students. ACTION STEP (and page #) HOW I WOULD IMPLEMENT IT POSITIVE OUTCOMES FOR STUDENTS OF POVERTY Page 111 - Pre-assess to determine students’ background knowledge It is crucial to …show more content…

It was fascinating! This is a great site with multiple strategies for teachers to use along with checklists. As teachers, it is important to front-load the information. When you do this, students are better prepared to engage in the conversations of the classroom, and be able to answer questions regarding the topic. The ultimate result is that your needier students to feel successful. Being flexible with your lesson plans is important, especially after gathering information from your classroom and having a firm understanding of what your students know. Having this information provides you with a clue as to what you need to spend time on, things that you can quickly touch on, how to group your students, what organizers you may need or word banks that you can use. If you find that some students are knowledgeable on the topic, they can be used as the teacher experts in the classrooms. The final part of this Action Step is to do a post-assessment. At this time you can ask the same questions as before or have them write 3 things they learned on a sticky note as an exit slip. Teachers can use these assessments to help students who continue to struggle, pinpoint students who learn in a different way, or even find students who have already mastered the objective and may be ready to be

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