Learning Disabilities In Education

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There have been various studies performed on students and their abilities to learn information in school settings. While there are some students that excel in academic settings, other students can face difficulty learning the material. Students who have some type of problem when it comes to learning are usually classified as having a learning disability. According to the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (2011), a learning disability is described as “ A general term that describes specific kinds of learning problems” ("Learning disabilities," 2011). Many times students, who have a learning disability, have some type of high intelligence in a specialized area that may not reflect on a standardized test or other assessments. Galen Alessi, a professor at Western Michigan University, performed an experiment, which studies who is at fault for the student’s disability. His research looks at the educator, parents/guardians, environment, and the student as factors. In the interest of understanding how educators, parents, the school system, and even the student may be accountable for this issue, all four categories must be examined. This paper studies the role of the educator, parents or guardians, school system, and the student as to why they may play a role in a student having a learning disability. In a school setting, the educator takes on the position of facilitating and teaching information to students. The educators are responsible for

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