Learning Experience : My Educational Experience In Kindergarten

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Culture Shock, the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. That’s exactly what I felt as I walked into my first day of school in Kindergarten, although at the time I might not have known what I experienced is what it was. Teacher was explaining what we would be learning that year. I remember looking around the classroom at all the different colored and white people. Before I had entered Kindergarten I had generally been surrounded around people like myself who were also Latino, Spanish speaking Catholics. Diversity was something I don't remember been exposed too. So that first day of Kindergarten for me was an eye opening experience. As I surveyed the room I saw only a few people like myself and I began to see Asians, Indians, African Americans, White people, and many more races. Looking back on it now I know it was an early sign of culture shock for my five year old self. My accent was something that I was often embarrassed to let come out. Speaking slowly and really concentrated was the way I tried to hide my accent. Although I tried to make myself sound more like the other kids, my accent often slipped which made me feel compromised. Kindergarten was more than the beginning of my academic journey, but also the beginning of assimilation for me. I felt disadvantaged throughout my time there, I knew that the other kids who grew up only speaking English were the kids that would do
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