Learning Is So Much More Than Memorizing Information

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Learning is so much more than memorizing information. When I was in school in my younger days, I was forced to memorize random facts that seemed to have no meaning in my life. As soon as we took the test over that subject, much of that information left me. If you are to truly learn something, you must learn to intentionally understand and apply it to your life (Christine A. Johnston, Intentional Learning For College Success). I used to think that I could not learn anything new if it wasn 't involving my hands in a mechanical fashion (i.e. rebuilding motors), but I have learned that I can do anything if I focus and am intentional in trying to learn that thing. According to my LCI (Learning Connections Inventory, I am described as a Strong Willed Learner. I have come to understand this as if there is something I want to learn I will learn it in almost a stubborn fashion. This test revealed some things about me that were enlightening. It put a number on certain areas of learning and also labeled them. I have been listed as a Use First in Sequence with a score of 26. This is because I enjoy a certain order to things as I am doing them. I prefer to have things in their place where I can easily find them. It is also very important for me to understand exactly what I am expected of doing when given a task. With a Use First in Precision with a score of 27, I find that I am meticulous and detailed in many things that I do. I like to have all my facts and

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