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Task 1 – Signed off Learning Contract

Learning Contract

Choice of topics and learning context.
This learning contract has been prepared to guide my study of two very useful topics. I have chosen to develop my competencies in ‘Working relations’ and ‘Time management’. Should any of these prove difficult my focus will change to the topic of ‘Influence and Persuasion’. Below I have cited reasons why I have chosen the above topics.
The first reason is due to the tough economic period which is driving management at the department in which I work to get more done with fewer resources. Consequently there is pressure on staff to perform more efficiently and effectively in order to retain their positions for
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Improvements in time management by use of prioritising and scheduling techniques will positively impact my work by freeing up more time to fit in extra work and finish on time allowing for a sounder work-life balance.
Learning objective 1 – Working relations
By the end of the learning I will have smoothed out differences with my supervisor by having learnt and applied a minimum of four strategies tailored at strengthening a relationship affected by gender differences.
Learning objective 2 – Time Management
By the end of the leaning I will be able to have more time for important tasks at work.
Reserve learning objective: Influence and Persuasion.
If for any reason I decide to switch to learning this topic, I will be able to successfully influence and persuade the senior team by utilising win-win strategies and use of persuasive language etc, to design and write up a training manual.
Learning Strategies and Resources.
Learning Strategies
Target dates for completion
Evidence of learning
To critically read and examine how and why men and women think differently at work followed by a systematic and practical application of relevant and specific remedial principles to my work situation.

Book – “Work with Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business”
- Notes from reading
- Log a process of reflective learning cycles.
- Will be able to accurately quote 3 blind spots and know

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