Learning Organization Survey

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| 2010 | | United World School of Business Chandni ShahaniSowmya Nair | [Learning organization survey] | To understand how much the organization is a learning organization. | Executive summary This research project analyzed 8 variables in United World School of Business to determine whether the organization is a learning organization or not. The problem was that the United World School of Business leadership did not understand the components of a learning organization and whether the executives had any relationship to the success or failure in the organization for cultivating a learning organization. The purpose of this research project was to determine the components of a successful learning organization and to cultivate a…show more content…
"Throughout the world managers and other leaders are wrestling with the question of how to integrate experiences and goals among large groups of people working together in order to ensure that things happen in a learning mode" (Kline & Saunders, 1998). "Most companies today are under severe pressure to proceed with needed organizational transformation in order to cope with increasing rates of environmental change and turbulence. These new organizations must be responsive, flexible, adaptable, and value adding for all stakeholders" (Dervitsiotis, 1998). The demands put on organizations now require learning to be delivered faster, cheaper, and more effectively to a fluid and mobile workforce. Some of the critical demands facing today's corporations and governments include: • Reorganizing, restructuring, and reengineering for success, if not just survival, • Increased skills shortages due to workers who are inadequately prepared for work in the twenty-first century, • Doubling of knowledge every two to three years, • Global competition from the world's most powerful companies, • Overwhelming breakthroughs in new and advanced technologies, and the • Spiraling need for organizations to adapt to change (Marquardt, 1999).
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