Learning The Ropes : How Freshman Conduct Course Research

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Looking back at past research papers of mine I got to observe the kind of researcher I am and how I interpret the research and work it into my papers. Then reading other text I was able to relate my research skills to others and I also gained different ideas on what kind of researcher I want to be in the future. I looked back again at the old research papers of mine and came up with some ways I would of liked to research/use my the things I came up with via research in the papers. There are pieces of “Learning the Ropes: How Freshman Conduct Courses Research Once They Enter College” that I can relate very closely to. Another article, “Disciplinary Cultures and General Education, Essays on Teaching Excellence” I was able to connect to my research and writing. There are a few different points in the Excerpt from “Learning the Ropes: How Freshman Conduct Course Research Once They Enter College” by Alison J Head, that I can strongly relate to my process of researching and writing my papers in the past. In my freshman English class I researched and wrote a paper about Alzheimer’s and treatment for the disease. There was one finding that the excerpt mentioned that I closely felt while conducting my research for my Alzheimer’s paper. “It was daunting to conduct online searches for academic literature. Nearly three-fourths of the sample said they struggled with selecting keywords and formulating efficient search queries. Over half felt stymied by the thicket of irrelevant results

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