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Many young people learn to drive as soon as they're old enough. Having a car is a huge freedom - you can go wherever you like whenever you like. Not only that, but many jobs require that you have a car or at least hold a driving license so that you can run errands or go to see clients.

Like any sort of learning, everyone is different. Some people are taught how to drive by their parents or by a friend, in the family car. The advantage of this is that it's free, but a big disadvantage is that you're not being taught by a trained professional. Driving instructor's cars also have dual controls so that if the new driver does anything dangerous, the instructor can control the car. This is very important if you've never been behind the wheel of a car before, so new drivers might feel that they want to have lessons first, and then only practice with their parents once they're more confident.
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Many people find that two-hour lessons are better, especially if they live a long way from the test area. It's important to drive in traffic as you may encounter lots of traffic on your test, and being able to handle this is critical.

A third option for learning to drive is to take an intensive course. These normally promise to teach you to drive in as little as a month, so you drive every day as well as taking theory lessons. At the end of this course you will take a driving test, and the idea is that you've learned quickly enough to pass. These courses can also save you money because you just pay for a set number of lessons. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you're ready to take the test, but with an intensive course you know exactly when your test will be.

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