Left Brain vs Right Brain

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The mind is a very curious organ. Without we as humans would not be able to function in the world. The brain has a lot to do with our learning. In terms of how we learn and what hemisphere we use the most. The concept of the right and left brain think developed from research in the late 1960's by an American psychologist Roger W Sperry. The correct term for the halves would be hemispheres. Mr. Sperry had discovered that the human brain has two different ways of thinking. The right hemisphere being more visual and the left hemisphere being more verbal. The left hemisphere is known as the digital brain. The left side controls reading and writing, calculation and logical thinking. The right side is known as the analog brain this side…show more content…
Scientist felt it took two hemispheres to be logical or to be creative. We all know learning takes place in the brain. Left brained learners are logical, sequential, linear, analytical,reality based, objective, verbal and symbolic. The right brained learners seem to be more intuitive, random, global, fantasy based, subjective, non-verbal, visual and concrete. In conclusion, when you think of your brain you automatically think of how in-depth it must be. It holds your memories, its your phone book, your notepad. I mean honestly you couldn't do anything without it. When it comes to how people learn your hemispheres play a big part. I know people who could see a problem once and know how to solve it, however I would have to sit down and really study for weeks just to understand that same problem. While learning about the different ways your brain works and the different affects each hemisphere has on your learning I’m sure this could help people with their different learning styles. People who paint and create video games would use their right hemisphere more often, but a person with great public speaking skills would use their left hemisphere. If a person can train their brain to use both side they would surely be ahead of the game. I wonder if acclaimed geniuses use both hemispheres. They even have programs online to help you strengthen your brain and help you to use both parts. Learning children early on to use
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