Left Pedal Pedal

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The Left Pedal: The clutch pedal is actually a three position pedal. When fully depressed it puts the T in low gear. When let off halfway, you are in neutral and when released all the way out you are in second or high gear. This last position is only true if you have the hand lever pushed all the way forward. If the hand lever is half way back or all the way back the clutch pedal is in neutral. It is a little safety feature of the Model T Ford transmission so if the hand lever is back or halfway forward, you have to actively push the clutch pedal in to make the car move. For the beginner, it is best to leave the hand lever in the halfway position while you are starting to drive the T. This way you only have to deal with low gear while you get a feel for the clutch and brakes. Your instructor will let you start out in low gear so you can get the feel of how you can speed up and slow-down using the throttle. Yes, the engine will help you slow down in low gear if you push the right lever under the steering wheel all the way forward. You don't have to rely solely on the brakes to slow and stop you. Putting the car in low gear by pushing the clutch pedal and moving the throttle lever up is a great way to slow down for turns and stop lights without going into neutral. It is actually the preferred way to reduce speed. Practice pushing the clutch into low gear and letting it out…show more content…
You use it to slow the car and to stop the car. As pointed out before, you should use the engine to slow the T but at some point when you need to stop, you must release the clutch pedal halfway or all the way (depending on the position of your hand brake/high gear lever) and then step on the right brake pedal. Because of the three pedals, the brake is used the most, it pays to use the engine to slow the car. As we will point out next, using the reverse pedal to slow the car to save brake
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