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Legal Journal Assignment Jesus Cabral Legal Environment of Business GTU310-OT1 Dr. Carson August, 16,2016 Brandman University Introduction Advice from friends, a superior at work or an acquaintance for personal or legal situations or business legalities ought to be taken for its substance; little value. Lawful guidance can be given by an attorney/lawyer, and legal information can be given by friends, family or even employers but it is just as stated “information” to not be steered in any course. This paper describes circumstances when advice was given by an employer to the researcher and could have landed the researcher in financial liability. Can anyone give you and me legal advice and if so, what is legal advice?…show more content…
The answer is no! Adult Americans conduct agreements in the form of contracts. The legalities prior to the agreement are typically where we get into trouble and seek advice from friends or family members. What must be fulfilled for a contract to be valid? According to (Patterson) the following is necessary: It must be based on mutual agreement by the parties to do or not to do a specific thing (2013). In the event that a friend or family member gives advice without understanding the definition of duress, and the party contracting with you claims duress, then, the contract may be void and criminal charges may be brought to you or me. Just what is duress? Let’s understand the meaning of mutual contract first; The word mutual is very clear as to its insinuation on a contract, thus it must not be made under duress. The definition of duress according to (Duress, n.d.) is the restraint or danger, actually inflicted or impending, which is sufficient in severability to deprive a person of free choice (n.d). In other words, the parties must reciprocally agree without being forced into contracting by threats or bodily harm. Accordingly, why is this important to the researcher and each of you? Well, it is imperative to comprehend and be cognizant of the intents and verbiage a contract may comprise, subsequently a
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