Legal Issues Involved In Dating-Personal Narrative

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I asked Kristine if she and Nicholas were in a dating relationship and she replied "yes" and stated they had been dating for the past four months. I asked
Kristine what her and Nicholas were doing in the area. It should be noted the area they were in was a dead end and only lead to a remote farm house and it is not common for people to drive to the location.

Kristine told me she and Nicholas had gone to Spunky Monkey, which is a bar located in downtown Auburn, earlier the night before, 09/16/16. Kristine told me while there, she and Nicholas began arguing about Nicholas drinking. Kristine went on to explain that Nicholas usually becomes angry for no reason when he drinks. Kristine said because they were arguing, they drove to a remote area to talk about things, but she
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I asked Nicholas what lead up to the incident and he replied he and Kristine had a couple drinks and Spunky Monkey and began arguing about his drinking. Nicholas said while there, Kristine slapped him twice in the face with an open hand. Nicholas said he and Kristine went to the
Rainbow Cafe, which is also in downtown Auburn, and Kristine slapped him once more while they were there. Nicholas said he and Kristine drove to 29th and M ST
NW and continued to argue. Nicholas said Kristine slapped him two more times, and he was sick of it, so he tripped her and caused her to fall face first.

It should be noted, while I was speaking with Nicholas I observed his clothing was very dirty if he had fallen on the ground and his right ankle was swollen. I asked Nicholas if he had fallen on the ground, he said he had and he injured his ankle in the process. Nicholas went on to say he had fallen because he was intoxicated and had nothing to do with Kristine.

I ended my contact with Nicholas and recontacted Officer Bateman. I asked
Officer Bateman if Nicholas stated he tripped Kristine or threw her to the ground, and he said Nicholas told him he threw Kristine to the ground. I
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