Legalization Of Euthanasia In Canada

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In 1992, the Canadian Supreme Court decided that “abetting suicide without qualifications was a serious criminal offense” (Australian Nursing), and since the creation of the law, it has seen great controversy. Whereas, courts in other countries have decided to legalize euthanasia as a means to end a person’s life, Canada at the time did not agree with the legislation. A case in the Canadian Supreme Court has recently concluded that allowing euthanasia signify upholding basic human rights. In 2016, Canada will legalize euthanasia to be a practice available to patients as a means to relieve their afflictions. The practice of euthanasia in Canada is helping citizens to choose a practical method to end their life, if euthanasia continues to be …show more content…

A book: “Euthanasia, Ethic and Public Policy: An Argument Against Legislation” by John Keown does not support the idea of legalizing the practice of assisted suicide. He argues that “euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide could not be effectively controlled” (Keown i). Therefore, the government would have difficulty monitoring assisted suicide as a cover to kill patients without their consent. The author explains that the form of voluntary active euthanasia if it were to be acceptable, results in the “slippery slope” of loosening the law for cases of those who are incompetent and those who are not suffering intolerably (Keown 80). If euthanasia were to be maintained as an illegal practice, it would prevent cases in the gray area from being interpreted the wrong way. Thus, stopping the potential of assisted suicide used with passionate or malicious intent. However, Dr. Librach, who is a pioneer in palliative care, disagrees with the slippery slope argument; legalization of euthanasia would not lead to the growth of mistrust between patients and healthcare officials because a vast majority of physicians will follow the law that protects those affected (Milne). With consideration to Dr. Librach makes the point to “take a cautious look at euthanasia and assisted suicide ... [because] we’re a progressive society.” In other words, the creating and maintaining Canada’s law to legalize euthanization and protect the rights and freedoms of the vulnerable is essential to uphold the values of our

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