Legalization Of Euthanasia In The United States

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Euthanasia is defined as the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. Euthanasia is also known as mercy killing, it relieves the patient from a long-term suffering. The word Euthanasia is from the Greek words meaning easy or good death. This voluntary means of ending one’s life is a way to die with dignity, instead of allowing the body to continually decay, it allows the pain to come to an end quickly. Patients who are stuck in hospital beds and cannot move and are unhappy with the life they are living can use this means of death as a freedom to choose. This means of death can bring about a sense of peace, granting the patient to know that they will no longer have to endure…show more content…
“Seven countries and states have legalized euthanasia, or permit euthanasia under existing law. The presence of unbearable suffering, as assessed by a physician, is a central criterion for euthanasia in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Further compulsory criteria to legally allow euthanasia include a voluntary and well considered request for euthanasia, prospect-less suffering, absence of reasonable treatment options and consultation with an independent physician. Terminal illness is not a compulsory criterion. The legal model which applies in Switzerland, Oregon, Washington, and Montana requires a voluntary and well considered request; unbearable suffering is not a compulsory criterion and only assisted suicide is allowed” (Ruijs).
Ending the life of a patient, who is suffering with everyday life would only benefit them. If euthanasia would become legal in more countries and states it could benefit the ones suffering and watching their bodies deteriorate, and allow them to die with a sense of dignity, instead of wasting away in a hospital
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People deserve to have the highest quality of life they can, and living in constant pain does not qualify as living life to the highest quality one could. Americans should have the freedom of choice, especially when it comes to their own body. Euthanasia allows patients a chance at having a dignified death. They should not have to continue to go through the motions of a dying patient if they no longer please to do so. When the suffering is unbearable and the patient no longer chooses endure it, they should be able to make the decision to end their life if they so please. Ending one’s life is a choice that every human should possess, along with
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