Essay On Physician Assisted Death

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It should be legal for patients suffering painful, incurable diseases to choose to have a physician assisted death. People die every day in the United States of long term illness, often while suffering massive amounts of pain and with extended hospital stays. According to the American Cancer Society in 2015 approximately sixteen hundred people died every day from cancer. Of those sixteen hundred people dying from cancer eighty percent died in the hospital, which can cost up to $10,000.00 to maintain a person in the Intensive Care Unit. Everyone may not opt to have a physician assisted death, but the choice should be there. Basic human rights are reason enough to legalize physician assisted death, however, by far not the only reason.…show more content…
It is inhuman to continually allow a person to suffer when there is no chance of them improving. Even animals are put out of their misery when injured or sick beyond repair as to not prolong the suffering, humans should be allowed that same option. Long term pain can severely affect a person, sometimes causing the patient to be mad and hateful without meaning to . Giving a person a choice to end their life while they still hold on to the personality they have always had is not for the government but for the patient. A dying person should not be tortured in the process unless they choose to be. Terminating one's life to escape from excruciating pain is an excellent reason to legalize Euthanasia.
Perhaps the most import reason to legalize physician assisted suicide is for control, both for the patient and the doctor. Patients can gain control in an otherwise uncontrollable situation by allowing them to have the choice of when the stop fighting the illness, who they have by their side in the final moments and permitting them to make organ donation possible after death. In a controlled environment it is possible to allow a patient to opt for organ donation as they do in some countries already after being assisted to die. Feeling like their life and death has some meaning or purpose comforts a lot of dying patients. The controlled atmosphere can allow for the
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