Essay Legalize Weed: Yes or No?

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Since before the 1900’s, the United States has been battling with a seemingly unending debate. Should marijuana, otherwise known as ‘weed’, be legalized in the states? While most politicians say that legalizing marijuana would only be used as a ‘stepping-stone’ to more dangerous drugs like heroin or cocaine, it is my opinion to strongly disagree with this statement. Marijuana use can have medical pluses, yielding California’s decision to legalize marijuana for healing purposes. With the right regulations, marijuana should be fully legalized in the United States.
Marijuana’s purpose is served to most as one of life’s pleasures. In most cases it causes temporary memory loss, loss of bodily motor skills, slurred speech, sleepiness, altered …show more content…

Though all of these factors must be considered, one must also think about the reasons why legal weed could improve the quality of life. For various sicknesses, weed can act like morphine in dulling out reality and ‘Zenning’ a patient out until they reach a certain numbness. In TIME magazine, Andrew Ferguson states that “marijuana is addictive for 10% of regular users—making it less addictive than alcohol (15%) and much less addictive than cigarettes (32%), which are, they point out, perfectly legal.” The main problem the government has with marijuana is the fact that the side effects directly hinder normal functioning, preventing people to make logical decisions and suffering from impaired judgment. However, does alcohol not do the same thing? Alcohol is 5% more addictive than marijuana and most vehicle accidents are directly involved with them. It’s all about the responsibility of the smoker. If the feds are worried about the misuse of the drug they could set aside specific places where the drug could be smoked and have people test their ability to function normally before they go out driving or leave the area. This would also decrease the number of drug dealers illegally dealing because citizens could easier get it from the government. This could help lower prices and at the same time lower crime rates from people not stealing it or trying to commit a crime to get the money to buy the weed. Instead

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