Why Congress Should Legalize Pot Analysis

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In “Why Congress Should Legalize Pot”’ Jeffery Miron, the senior lecturer of undergraduate studies in the economics department at Harvard University, reports that the reason marijuana should be legalized is for the same reason alcohol is legal. According to him alcohol is a similar substance that can be abused. He also explains that even though there could be risks with legalizing marijuana “economic trends with will stay the same.” This means there won’t be an increase in accidents and crime just because marijuana is legalized. Just like Jeffery Miron other Americans believe marijuana should be legalized. In “The Federal Government Must Act: Why State-Level Pot Legalization Isn’t Enough”, by Raymond Hogler a Colorado State University graduate,…show more content…
This article also shows how police officers are put in a gray area when upholding marijuana laws. Citizen fail to realize when a state legalizes something it could be federally illegal. Individuals feel they are trying to be caught while participating in the use of marijuana. This causes lawsuits against police for Entrapment. Why listen to random people when professionals can tell you the truth about the use of marijuana? An article written by Marty Nemko, “Legalize Pot? You Must Be High”, reported on research found from prestigious universities. This article suggests that marijuana eventually influences your memory. When you ingest a substance that is not supposed to be there it will have certain unforgiving affects. I believe marijuana is known as a drug for a reason. I am ok with having a use for it medicinally but only for problems. Right now, it just seems to be a hindrance for people that don’t medically need it. For example this can stop motivation in a job environment causing less production or be a safety hazard if someone is under the
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