Legalized Organ Sales

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Legalized Organ Sales
Imagine, waking up one morning a transplant patient in need of an organ, finding out that there was a law just passed that permitted a patient to purchase the needed organ legally. Fortunately, there are those in the medical community that believe that the legalization of organ sales, is the only way to alleviate the rapidly growing problem of the shortage of available organs needed for transplants. The fact that altruism the premise that the donor program was first established under, is not able to meet the serious issue of supply and demand, has forced the medical community to look for other remedies. Consider a campaign launched by the federal government (politicians) in conjunction with the medical community, drug, and insurance companies that would bring awareness to the general public that focused on the need to legalize the sales of live human organ donor sales. There is also another side to this debate, there are those that are adamantly opposed to this concept, they believe that legalization will create more problems than it will solve. What this essay will examine is the …show more content…

What could possibly be said that would change the mind of someone with a steadfast conviction that their view point is right? According to (Gagne,2014), “people against the legalization of organ sales fear that if we legalize that practice it will create injustice between the rich and the poor and that the rich will have access to organs because of their money and that less fortunate people won’t be able to access to this resource.” This argument when thought about is exactly what is happening now in the black-marketing of organs the poor and desperate are being exploited with no legal means to fight back. With legalization the black market will not cease to exist, but the poor will have an

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