Legalized Prostitution : Taking Back Control

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Legalized Prostitution: Taking back Control
“I originally intended to write in defense of legalizing prostitution, but hindsight has made me realize that I cannot defend a profession that dehumanizes its workers.” Tlatenchi, Fredy. "Prostitution Should Not Be Legalized." The Sundial. N.p., 27 Nov. 2012. Web. 07 Sept. 2015. The statement above would lead the author’s readers to believe that prostitution if legal would be no different than it is now, shameful, dangerous, disease ridden and exploitation filled. Prostitution has been around for some time, given it is referred to as the world’s oldest profession. Why is it then, if still illegal, do so many continue their sex work? Desperation? Empowerment? Force? Lack of a moral compass? In
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Rhode Island says otherwise.
Aside from the clear positive outcomes from Rhode Island, legalizing prostitution has the potential to further eliminate rape and STD transmission further by opening up communication. Rhode Island decreased roughly 2000 cases of gonorrhea during its decriminalization, read about in Hong, Sharon. "Decriminalizing Prostitution Linked to Fewer STDs and Rapes." UCLA Newsroom. N.p., 1 Aug. 2014. Web. 08 Sept. 2015. If sex workers fear persecution they won’t report a rape, robbery or attack. These people need to be gotten off the streets. If they fear judgment, they won’t seek medical attention in case of unprotected sex and the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease. With legalization we open our ears and close our prejudice.
If we begin to focus our time and money on the real criminals, not the consenting adults who chose to trade a service for money like any other business we waste far less. Legalization would help focus our persecutions on the ones who force other human beings into a life they do not want to be in. This refocuses on protecting those who deserve a choice over their own body, what to not, or to do with it. Prostitution could also potentially bring in thousands of extra dollars of taxable revenue per worker for the economy. Money is better spent pursuing the real criminals. Would you rather your tax dollars be
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