The Issue Of Legalizing Prostitution

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Releasing laws on prostitution … specifically, legalizing this area of the sex industry, will create a profound impact on society. While halotry (as it was once commonly called) has its detractors and negative connotations, the benefits outway the problems society consistently point out. Society at large questions the merits of legalizing prostitution, when in fact there are several advantages legalization could create. At a minimum, legalizing harlotry will make the job significantly safer and keep sex workers and clientele healthier. By placing a public and government spot-light on prostitution, the public can expect to see less violence, for fear of prosecution and fines. If the government and or an organization stays on top of the work prostitutes do, there’s a likely chance sexually transmitted diseases will decrease; human trafficking and illegal children in relation to prostitution will also diminish. On an even higher note, this “new” occupation will assist in dropping unemployment and benefit the economy, tax payers, and government. While there are certainly strong points as to why legalizing prostitution is wrong and unorthodox, there’s powerful evidence that supports the concept of legalization. For instance, if one looks at the history of prostitution, they’ll learn how long prostitutes have been around and how they were all but welcomed and accepted in older societies! Existing laws on harlotry, pertaining to the majority of the U.S, must be converted; not only

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