Legalizing Marijuana Argumentative Essay

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Marijuana always has tar in it, which long term use can cause lung problems. Marijuana can cause a learning problem and short term memory loss, researchers believe this is one of the many reasons younger people drop out of school, or fail out of school when they start smoking marijuana on a daily basis. Researchers also discovered that workers tested positive for marijuana caused or had up to 55% of the accidents reported. The illegal marketing in Mexico for marijuana has killed around tens of thousands of lives. Once your body becomes used to the effects of marijuana, that’s when you go on to the next drug, the harder drug. The everyday use of marijuana by teenagers can make them want to try the next drug earlier in life. Teenagers smoking marijuana everyday are less likely to graduate high school and keep money to own anything worth keeping. Marijuana isn’t just known as the “cancer killer” it’s also known as the “drop out …show more content…

Marijuana is also “right up there with heroin and LSD”. You have to get approval from a lot of different federal departments if you’re a scientist and you want to do research on marijuana, because it is such a tightly controlled substance under the law. It is very rare that you get an approval to do research on marijuana, but when you do the only thing they test is the harm that is caused by marijuana. They never test the good it does for you. Studies show that marijuana does more good than bad to people that are using it for medical purposes. Medical purposes as in, PTSD. Studies show that people who smoked marijuana slept better and controlled themselves better. Studies also show that people living with HIV/ AIDS, and smoke marijuana for medical purposes have have better moods, sleep better, and eat better. Marijuana helps people with Alzheimer’s gain weight, and in some cases it slowed down the effects of Alzheimer’s. People living with arthritis that smoke marijuana for medical purposes say that it helps fight back the pain- causing

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