Legally Blonde Was Released, Telling The Story Of Elle Woods

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Fourteen years ago, the romantic comedy Legally Blonde was released, telling the story of Elle Woods, a ditzy sorority girl who follows her ex-boyfriend, Warner, to Harvard Law School in hopes of proving to him that she is not just another dumb blonde and winning him back. Elle studies hard, forgets about Warner, and ends up graduating as valedictorian with job offers from multiple prestigious law firms. While making audiences laugh, the movie also inspired those who were undervalued and doubted by others to go to college, with the message that if they studied and worked hard enough, anything is possible. However, regardless of work ethic and intelligence, this aspiration is impossible for most. Even if one is accepted into their dream university, there is still the underlying issue of how they will pay for their education. For many, college is an important step in achieving success, but paying for a high-quality college education is impossible. Even for those who find a way to pay, their chances of success are sabotaged by the price of their degree, despite the importance of a college education. Although in the twenty-first century there is significant emphasis on the necessity of a college degree, qualified students are prevented from reaching their full potential because of the rising cost of a college education. College prices are rapidly rising; public four-year college tuitions are rising at an average of 5.6% every year, while public two-year college tuitions are

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