Legend Of The Ghost Dog Analysis

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The novel “Legend of the Ghost Dog”, written by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, is a thriller and mystery tale about a young girl named Anita (although is known as ‘Tee’ throughout the book), on an expedition she attended to a small cabin located in the Alaska wilderness, in the town of Nome, with her father and her younger brother Jack, and another young girl that she befriended named Quin. This adventure starts from not Tee’s perspective, but from an older woman named Dodie about her childhood raising Siberian Huskies with her family, these chapters would consistently reoccur in the novel. The legend began as just a silly yet spine tingling fable of a dark looming creature known as the “Shadow” that lived deep in the Alaskan woods near a creek referred to as Dorothy Creek, where just so happen Tee, her little brother and her father were residing near, however escalated to a conundrum about the “Shadow” that turned out to just be a dog, a jet black Husky with pale blue eyes with a strong broad body, discovered by the two young girls after taking Tee’s beagle on a walk in the snow. While Tee's and Jack's Mother was in Japan for two weeks during their spring break for law work, the siblings went with their dad, a writer, who was on the hunt for a story about how the relationship between dogs and man have become less and less throughout the years because of snowmobiles, there for people were not requiring dogs to pull sleds from place to place. Thus, Tee's father begins to work with a

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