Legendary Betsy Ross and the American Flag Essay

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Legendary Betsy Ross and the American Flag

The American flag has long been a symbol of our country, but there have been certain doubts about its origin. No one really knows who sewed the American flag. The legend of Betsy Ross has been told many times, but some people look upon it as a myth, saying Betsy Ross never even existed. Betsy Ross was indeed a real person who lived in the 1700's, but no one can prove she actually sewed the American Flag.

Betsy Ross did not have an extremely interesting childhood. She was born Elizabeth Griscom on January 1, 1752, to a Quaker couple. Her father's name was Samuel Griscom, who worked as a carpenter. The Quakers were "members of the religious society of friends." (Comptons 1). She lived in …show more content…

He died a military prisoner on March 3, 1782, leaving the once again widowed Betsy with two young daughters. Then on May 8, 1783, Betsy Ross married for the third time to a man named John Claypoole, who was the cellmate of Joseph Ashburn. They had five daughters, but John Claypoole died in 1817. Following the death of her third husband, she lived with one of her daughters in Philadelphia until her death on January 30, 1836 (Walters 335).

The American Flag is a symbol of our country. The leaders of the Revolution realized the need for a distinctive American flag. Betsy Ross had taken up flag sewing in addition to upholstery. In fact, she was the official flagmaker for the Pennsylvania Navy. George Washington came to Betsy Ross in June of 1776 with two other men (Davidson 177).

When they came to Betsy Ross, George Washington and his committee had originally chosen a six-pointed star for the flag, but the six-pointed star was the English rule (Tonn 18). Betsy convinced them to use the design of a five-pointed star, which was the French rule.

The committee of men who came to Betsy Ross were Robert Morris and Colonel Ross. Colonel Ross was an uncle to Betsy's late husband John Ross, and that might have been the reason they came to Betsy Ross in the first place (Compton's 1). However, she is credited to making the Cambridge Flag, or the Continental Colors, which was raised at Somerville,

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