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  • Losing Friends In High School

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    Losing friends, meeting new people, first job, first car, boyfriend, getting my license. Throughout the last four years of high school I’ve experienced a lot of new things and learned a lot on the way. I remember walking into school on the first day of freshman year; I was thinking that these are going to be a very long couple of years. I was wrong; these past four years have gone by so fast, so I guess my dad was right when he said they’d fly by. I think the one thing that I really learned is that

  • Friends Charter School Swot Analysis

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    Introduction As a newly opened Friends Charter school, our focus is on achievement: putting students on track for graduation, offering challenging and rigorous classes and creating a positive and welcoming environment for all students. We have students that have not reached proficiency in many years and many students who are not on track to graduate. We believe that every child can learn and grow with the proper resources and instructional practices in place. It is our goal to provide the nurturing

  • First Friend : My First New Friend In High School

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    I have known Jose for the past four years of high school but it feel as though I’ve known him long before that. It was the first day of school and I noticed in almost all of my classes the tall and intimidating kid was in all of them. We had about the exact same schedule and we only ever started talking because we were teammates in our math class. Eventually as the year went on we bonded over our interest in video games and taking ridiculous online quizzes. Jose and I had a similar childhood experience

  • School, Work, Friends Stress in Teens

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    SCHOOL, WORK, FRIENDS…….. WHAT TO DO! Stress is the most common thing in a teen’s life. The most common stressors are School, Work, Family Environment, and even Friendships/relationships. Those are the top categories that teens stress about. Most of the stress is natural and normal, but too much stress can cause serious problems. It is said that female teens have a higher rate than boys to stress out ( Teens should learn how to manage stress in a

  • My Middle School Friend With Her Best Outfit

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    The Game I see my middle school friend with her best outfit — a beautiful white dress with formal, shiny black shoes. She seems like she is about to have a beautiful dance or music performance, aspiring to become the paragon of beauty. The audiences are me, her relatives, parents, and her previous friends in middle school. Smiling with her flamboyant outfit, the room was illuminating, as the light could be seen from the outside of the building. She was enjoying being the main performer of the stage

  • Personal Essay : My Interest For Cambridge Friends School

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    Cambridge Friends School has grown enormously since I was first informed in March that you would be searching for a new Head of School. I have enjoyed my exploration of your school and simultaneous education about Quakerism. I may be the most unique applicant for a Head of School position, having spent the majority of my career in a most distinctive, imitable, and evolving college preparatory school administrative position – Director of The Rivers School Conservatory, Chair of The Rivers School Performing

  • Best Friend Story

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    Weston. In his new school, he thought he would never make any friends for the next couple of months, but man was he wrong! Blake was a shy guy today because he was going into a new school and was young for his grade. And furthermore, almost everyone was older than him, except for in his old school in Natick, where he had a friend who was 3 hours older than him, born on the same day, month, year, and surprisingly, the same hospital! But dreadfully, he had to leave his best friend because his parents

  • Internal Parental Influences Essay

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    virtual child and I have been raising him since he was born up to now, at 10 years old. He is shy to make friends so he has a few, and gets incredibly good grades in school. His grades tend to have mostly A’s, he enjoys history and science since they are his strength. He always has to be doing something so he loves to be involved in school. For example, he likes to do art design, play in the school orchestra as a violinist, play baseball and likes to build things at home that I help him with. Jack

  • Last Day Of School

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    last day of school was a good day. Instead of having to take an ELAR exam we did PSP. On the last day I had ELAR for 4th and 5th period. I didn’t have to do anything. Since we didn’t have to take a test we got to play games and mess around. The day went by really slow, but I was fine with that. I was having fun messing around and playing board games with my friends. At last, I heard the bell ring. I walked outside of the classroom and heard a lot of noise. Everyone was so excited that school was over

  • Ponyboy Character Analysis

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    them they immediately think, dirty troublemakers but they are more like a group of friends hanging out. They are like one big family and very few of them from the gang actually start trouble. Being that Ponyboy is a greaser, people think that he is a troublemaker and a bad person but that is not the case. Ponyboy is a unique young man that does not start trouble and does not like fighting. He is also a very good friend. I can say that I am most like him because I find that we have very many things in