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1- HISTORY OF LEGO I will be responsible for starting the presentation. In my part, I will begin by introducing the group’s members and saying what everyone is going to talk about. Secondly, I will begin by introducing our partners in LEGO to have a global information of the company, short but clear. I will talk about the history of the company, beginning, growth, expansion and current affairs. Later I’ll do a little description of their products, kind of them, why kids likes them, what they offer in their product, if they are safety or not… And finally I will also focus on the organization of the company like its organizational chart, managers and where they operate.…show more content…
Lego continuously prepared for any problems concerning the political sector. Unless the political environment will change rules that relate to its operations, Lego prefers to stay away from such subject. The political environment has allowed the liberation of the market, liberation of the market paved the way for improvement of products. Economic Lego can be said to be economically stable for the past years. Its economic stature is doing well that’s why they try to improve their products to give the best to their clients. It is not only the internal economic situation of the industry that should be taken note of but also the economy of the domestic market. Lego check first the economic status of the market they are operating in. The economy of the US domestic market has given opportunities to Lego .. The status of the economy has paved the way for Lego to prosper in the region and help in proving that the domestic market is one the premier region that houses the industry. Social The social environment serves as the conscience for Lego. This environment ensures that the Lego will not do things they know can ruin the industry’s reputation with the society. The society ensures that Lego will consider first its environment before making any decisions. Lego and other educational toy companies make sure that the products they offer will be accepted by the public. Lego tries to minimize the creation and delivery of some products they

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