Social Corporate Responsibility In The Lego Company

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Social corporate responsibility is defined as a company’s efforts to go above and beyond what is required by regulators and environmental protection groups. These companies are highly aware of the effects their business has on the environment and society. The LEGO Group is a company that embraces social corporate responsibility on every level. Bonnie Byerly, A second grade teacher at Reeds Elementary, has been able to see firsthand what LEGO Group is doing for the community, schools in particular. LEGO Group has evolved over the years, taking into account gender equality, making pledges to use earth friendly packaging and banning major brands that were not being environmentally safe from being seen on their product.
Lego Corp was established in 1932 by founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen. With just 10 employees, they start crafting wooden construction toys. The most famous of these were the wooden duck. As the popularity of plastic toys rose in the mid-1950s, the company did away with wooden toys and started focusing on manufacturing plastic automatic binding blocks. As early as the beginning of the company, their motto was “Only the best is good enough.” High quality and safe products have been the focal point of LEGO Group for decades. Over the years LEGO Group has kept its word on that motto and has supplied millions of families with creative toys that last.
LEGO Group is very clear about their goal when it comes to early education. They are dedicated to their product and

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