Lenin's Economic Policies

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New economic policy (NEP) NEP era advertizement
It was an idea based on ambition and imagination; an idea that worked so well, it managed to drag an entire country out of starvation and chaos and drive it onto the road to quick economic and industrial recovery. It created capitalism in a socialist state and cabaret-style debauchery under a military-communist regime. And like many other great yet paradoxical projects, perhaps, the Soviet Union’s New Economic Policy of the 1920s was too visionary to remain sustainable for long.
The year is 1921. Russia has just survived two revolutions, WWI and the Civil War. Not only the last royal family but the entire empire is gone, executed and left to deteriorate. Significant
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In just five years Russia’s production grew by three times and surpassed pre-war, Tsar-era figures. At one point the ruble became stronger than both the US dollar and the Royal pound. Although, ironically, foreign trade was conducted using old Imperial golden coins which pictured not Soviet symbols but Tsar Nicholas II who was executed by the same communists in 1918.
But, perhaps, the experiment, no matter how successful it was turning out to be, was already doomed.
Lenin’s death NEP era poster
Lenin’s health began worsening almost from the start of the NEP. He had a first stroke in May 1922 followed by a second one in March 1923 that heavily damaged the communist leader’s brain. Perhaps, realizing he didn’t have much time left, Lenin began looking for a possible successor and put together personal characteristics of some of the Party’s most prominent figures of the time, including Trotsky and Stalin. Lenin warned that giving Jospeh Stalin the seat as the Party’s secretary general would give him too much power which, according to Lenin, would be dangerous due to Stalin’s crude temper. But the hidden fight for power was already in full swing.
By the fall of 1923 Stalin began openly forcing Trotsky away from power, turning the Party against him. Lenin died in January 1924 and by December the same year Trotsky was removed from all commanding posts while Stalin’s political weight gained strong momentum.
The end of the NEP
Stalin quickly began
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