Lenox Avenue Midnight Analysis

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The poem Lenox Avenue: Midnight by Langston Hughes describes the urban life in Lenox, New York City. Hughes describes his town as a changing mood of life, this is seen in his first two stanzas, the rhythm of life, is a jazz rhythm. Through these first stanzas the city is pictured as a place full of emotions where you can never be happy with your life, which could most likely be caused by the city who is making his life worthless. The poet also sounds heartbroken when he mentions the following: he broken heart of love, the weary, weary heart of pain, this also sounds as if he is resentful with the city for x reasons. This feeling of resentment towards the city is seen again in the last stanza, and the gods are laughing at us. This stanza and the poem in general makes it sound like the city is a where there is lack of equality and that there are people in the city, perhaps the poet, who feel powerless and unworthy. The depiction given in this poem about the city validates my own beliefs. I personally believe that in a city many individuals are forgotten especially if they are people of color. There was also a time in history when people of color, especially black people were treated badly and were not heard or respected, instead they were oppressed and laughed at – “and the gods are laughing at us”.
Another poem by Langston Hughes is I, Too, Sing America. Similarly, to the first poem, the city is pictured as an injustice and discriminatory place. The second line, “I am the

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