Leo Steinberg Assignment

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Anandi Teekaram
Leo Steinberg Assignment

Leo Steinberg in his work of Other Criteria Confrontations with the Twentieth Century Art wrote a piece on Pablo Picasso work on skulls. At first when Steinberg describes Picassos’ work, I did not realize that there was a sample of the exact paining next to the excerpt. The way he wrote about the Skull and Pitcher, I imagined a still life painting with a realistic skull and mug on a stone table facing one another, with a light source dividing the table in half. From Steinberg description I understood that there was tension between the two subjects. It wasn’t until the second page that I saw the actual artwork and realize that was what he was describing. When I reread the paragraph then I looked at Picassos painting again it was an accurate description. However it was a different type of art style than what I had imagined. The painting is a form of a cubism art style which is also all the same style he uses to …show more content…

The skull is a symbolizes of tension, sadness and obviously death. It pops up again and again before actually being a sculpture. Demoiselle D'avignon 1907 is the start of cubism in which Picasso painting the skull on one of the subjects head. Next came the Skill and Pitcher and Leeks and after World War II, Death’s Head. The first painting described of Skull and Pitcher I thought of it as a standoff happening between the two, then when skull turns around to the pitcher, the skull develop like arms that were choking the pitcher. When the painting can be seen in color there brings that even a different type of emotion it. Skull and pitcher has vibrant warm colors but personally I feel the skull has dull cool colors to it. The light source is pure white which is dividing the table and separating the subjects. The use of warm colors, I feel, is a distraction to what the paintings is trying message

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