Silent Words in Art

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The Magdalen with a smoking flame is an art piece that was done by George De La Tour in 1640.
De La Tour painted this work using oil and paint on a material known as canvas. This painting was created in France then it was moved to the one of the most respected museums of the Los Angeles county Museum of art. The size of the painting is 128cm by 94cm, by looking at this painting the elements that were used are very noticeable the texture in this work gives it a very smooth and rough feel at the same time. Looking at the painting Magdalen is sitting vertically in this painting and so is the flame . The value of this art piece is stands out as we can see all the light that illuminates Magdalen and part of the wall. You can also see that Mary Magdalen is thinking of something that is unknown to us. All of the objects in the painting including the, Skull, Book, lamp, and lighting of the candle make up the unity of this image, to better identify what Mary may be thinking as she meditates on the flame. In this painting the light is what calls the attention to the art. “Magdalen is an actual character that was drawn from the bible as she sitting in solitude and gazing into a simple flame lamp”(Louvre, de Musee Paris).
This painting is a very religious work of art because the skull symbolizes the suffering of Jesus Christ. De
La Tour is most known for depicting scenes from the bible and characters. The books that are on top of the table are represented as bibles. When I

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