Leonard Peltier Case Study

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In the case of Leonard Peltier, is part of a Native American activist was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive terms to life imprisonment to first degree murder by supposedly shooting two FBI agents on 1975 in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The agents were Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams investigating and searching for Jimmy Eagle who was wanted for questioning due to assault and robbery in two local ranches. Both agents drove in two separate unmarked cars in order to follow a red pick up truck that matched the description of Jimmy Eagle’s truck. Three witnesses testified against Leonard Peltier later finding out that the FBI forced them to testify against Leonard. Agent Coler was said to be shoot on the right hand would not be …show more content…

Is the FBI trying to hide something? Is the FBI just trying to frame someone for the incident? Or is it deeper then that? Reading further into the case it was said there was not physical evidence to connect Leonard towards the criminal act in the crime scene. The FBI used Peltier’s girlfriend saying she witnessed the action between the agents and Leonard when in related she was not present during the action. Once against forced by the FBI in order to incriminate Leonard Peltier for a criminal act he did not commit. A film which provided more of a clearer understanding on what occurred the year of 1975 with both agents having been shot to death. In the video it is explained how the FBI have control over who is in jail and for how long they want any citizen to be incarcerated. It was also said Leonard would be tortured in the hands of the Federal Bureau of investigation, which is illegal to hurt the defendant having ether get probation or trial using that evidence against them. This case has scenario’s in which don’t make sense in the case each agent shot about 5 rounds altogether when there was 125 bullets coming at them all at once. Both agents had handguns, shotguns and other weapons shooting 5 rounds while 125 bullets were shot at them doesn't

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