Leonardo Da Vinci's Life And Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Born out of wedlock on April 15, 1452 to a young peasant woman and a respected notary from a respected family in a farmhouse located in Vinci, Italy, Leonardo Da Vinci was illegitimately innated. His biological parents never marry and he grew up with his father and stepmother as an only child. If Leonardo was born legitimate, he would have inherited all of his father’s land and profession, but since that isn’t the case, he gets nothing. Therefore, his guardians had to search for another activity this boy could do. Young Leonardo received little education beyond basic reading, writing, and mathematics, but his artistic talents were evident from an early age. ---- As a child, Leonardo had a fascination with nature, and credits it as “the wisest teacher anyone could have”. Some time had passed, and his guardians had began to noticed that he had a talent in art, and encouraged Leonardo to pursue that path because he has no other alternative. Leonardo moved to Florence with his father by the time he was 14, and became an apprentice Andrea Del Verrocchio, a famous artist during the time and worked in his workshop. It was then in this shop that young Leonardo learned how to draw, paint, cast bronze, sculpt, and craft; skills he needed to become a professional artist. For the rest of his life, Leonardo developed a crave for technical challenges as well as artistic ones, and by the age of 20, Da Vinci completes his apprenticeship with Verrocchio and registers with the city’s guild

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