Leonardo's Metamorphosis

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On one fine Friday afternoon, an argument erupts between a strange man and a rather meaty zookeeper. The man claims the lion in the zoo belongs to him, and the zookeeper thinks the opposite. Their quarrel gathered a lot of attention and weird looks from the zoo visitors. One of the bolder people watching stood up for the zookeeper and asked if the man had any proof. He had no proof he could show him. Now, this strange man, named Leonardo, never owned the lion, or even really ever met him before last Sunday.
What happened last Sunday, you ask. Nothing really, except a very funny dream. In the dream, Leonardo was fishing and, almost immediately after casting the rod, he felt a big tug. He was excited because he thought he could see the light brownish color of the fish he needed for his collection. He began reeling in faster and faster, trying harder and harder to get this extremely heavy fish out of the …show more content…

And, when the lion broke out of its cage and started munching on the guy’s thighs, he finally understood everything. Leo the lion entered his mind and controlled it so that he could just distract the zookeeper long enough to get a decent meal.
Leo and Leonardo walked away and no one said anything or even got within 3 miles of them for fear of losing their precious legs. They understood each other and felt safe together. They were stopping to rest on a bridge and Leonardo was looking out at the beautiful sunset, while Leo the lion slowly fell asleep. Leonardo grew tired as well and used Leo as a pillow that night.
Naturally, in the morning animal control, the police, firefighters, FBI, some scientists, and the military were surrounding them. It only makes sense that a man communicating with a lion would get this much attention from the government because usually when you eat people, you don’t get away with it. They both get shot down and

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