Less Is More Graham Hill Analysis

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Less is More Graham Hill gave a speech “Less stuff, more happiness” in October of 2011. He was trying to prove a point that the less stuff people own, the happier they are. They will also get to save money. He was speaking at TED, convincing people to own less stuff. He was speaking to people who are more successful, smart, own more stuff than they really need. Hill states “less is more” by using facts and statistics with his strengths in his word structure. In Hill’s speech he tries to start off as being formal and gets less formal the more he gets into it, trying to connect with the audience. He trying to make his information more important as he goes on, keeping the audience involved. He pulls the audience in and keeps them interested with a persuasive effect of the audience. He keeps things simple, so it is easier to pull people back into what he is saying. He uses many compound sentences with gives more detail, but not to much that the audience will be bored. For example “we’ve got triple the space, but we’ve become such good shoppers that we need even more…show more content…
He is trying to help them save and really get connected, to realize “less is more”. So, those people that clutter “stuff” will really connect to him. “Did you know that we Americans have about three times the amount of space we did 50 years ago?” (Hill 1). Hill used the word we, connecting with his audience, pulling them in. Getting people to want to hear what he has to say. But, Hill also has some weaknesses in his speech. He does not take into account every type of people that are there like the people who actually throw “stuff” out and are already organized. He is talking to them as if everyone hordes their “stuff”, except he is an knowledgeable guy, and he connects with his audience because he talks about his experiences and he has a pretty good idea on the subject. People are more likely to trust and believe what he
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