Lessons From My Father By Dennis Grimard

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Lessons From My Father My father, Dennis Grimard, tinkers his way through life. From Erector Sets as a boy to Lego Sets as a man, he carefully pieces together his wisdom in his own way. As a bullied, adventurous kid, he developed an often-limitless creativity, with an often-relentless sheepdog mentality. He has learned to see the world from an underdog’s perspective, where his persistence defines him but his compassion directs him. His pride as a father, a provider, and a Grimard has brought him both immense pains from sacrifice and great happiness from duty. This journey from boy, to man, to father has presented him with opportunities to love, fail, succeed, and tinker together a core belief system with which he directs his life. From a …show more content…

And at times in his life, temptation and peer influence have tempted him away from his goals. But this symbolism of an eagle provides him with strength in order to separate from the flock—and rejoin when necessary. 9) don 't be afraid to fail... As an electrical engineer, my father often looks to take on problems that very few know how to solve. He has found that the fear of failure in people commonly conquers their ambition. It frequently suppresses a person from even attempting a challenge, and he or she yields. For my father, however, he has trained his mind to separate his fear of a problem from his actions. Where he recognizes his fear but momentarily silences it in order to accept a challenge. This mentality in his life has taught him to confront fear, divvy it up into micro fears through a plan, and then utilize them as motivation every day. Over time, as he slowly solves hard problems and experiences little euphoric feelings of success, these feelings begin to become addictive. This addiction builds upon itself, and gradually his battles with the prospect of failure have become easier and easier. He believes, in addition, that the sensation he feels from challenging himself and then accomplishing a challenge—despite his fears—plays a large role in helping him to ignore instantaneous feelings, such as drugs and alcohol, which in turn could short circuit his natural happiness. 97) a man is his failures...learn from them

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