Lessons Of Typing Instruction Reinforcement During Students ' Writing

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When I approached one of the third-grade teachers in reference to evidence in her lessons of typing instruction reinforcement during students’ writing period, she immediately answered, “keyboard instruction is the technology teachers responsibility and she don 't have the time.” This reply has become increasingly common among educators, however, classroom teachers need to know that all educators must contribute to the collective goals towards the achievement of students developing technology competencies in typing in complying with The Common Core State Standards W.CCR.6 technology competencies, which states that students must acquire “use technology, including the internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.”
As stated in the Common Core State Standards, third graders are expected to demonstrate coding competencies, “with some guidance and support from adults, students must use technology to produce and publish writing as well as to interact and collaborate with others.” A four resources analysis of technology research points out that “the definitions of technology in the Common Core State Standards implicitly demands that students develop coding competencies, however, there is the lack of instruction for educators on how coding dependencies should be taught in a CCSS-aligned 21st-century classroom. Pandya and Aukerman also add that “these core competencies apply to all students; however, no examination has been directed on the

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