The Problem Of Computer Programming Education

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Through the Educate to Innovate Initiative, the current administration has made the case that investments in STEM programs (science, technology, engineering and math) are essential to maintaining the status of international competitiveness. But since the start of the program in 2009, the importance of computer programming education is still being misunderstood and inadequately addressed. Though the administration has tried to get more technology into schools, it’s failed to teach kids what could really help them compete internationally which is coding. Computer programming is the driving force behind all forms of computer technology. Without programmers, these machines could be more innovative and capable than mankind could ever imagine, but if there is no one to program, there is no way for computers to perform needed tasks.

Though technology has become such a key point in the national discussion on education, computer literacy is still sometimes confused with computer science. While computer literacy refers to word processing and knowledgeable use of the Internet, computer science refers to the study of algorithmic processes, hardware and software designs, and ways to impact society with technological innovation. A general computer science curriculum largely consists of critical thinking, problem solving, and logic – the skills that American students will need in order to compete for the best jobs, whether or not they become programmers (James, 2013).

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