Let Quit Your Bad Makeup Habits

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LET’S QUIT our bad makeup habits NOW. I know it’s not easy, but with a little practice, we all can make better choices that will work together to help us achieve the flawless makeup look we all will be proud of.

Bad Makeup Habits to Quit Now

1-Not Blending Foundation Properly

Some foundations are notoriously difficult to blend no matter what makeup application tool you use. To combat this issue apply your foundation lightly in small sections and blend the foundation around your hairline and jawline to avoid a “mask-like appearance. These techniques work really well, especially when testing new foundations.

2-Failing to Set Your Foundation and Concealer

If you are an oily individual skipping this step can be disastrous especially …show more content…

It is also almost important to ensure you are using clean makeup brushes and sponges if you suffer from acne.

Using dirty makeup brushes and sponges is a big no-no for individuals with problematic skin! So do you skin a huge favor by ensuring your application tools are clean! This, in turn, will lessen the chances of you breaking out. To date, my best DIY solution for washing my brushes and sponges is a mixture of vinegar and dawn dishwashing soap. This mixture is very effective in cleaning both makeup sponges and brushes. If you are not a DIY fan I’m sure there are plenty of cleansers on the market that would get the job done, consequently I have yet to try one out since my DIY solution workers so well.

4-Not Using a Moisturizer

No matter how oily you are skipping moisture is not an option. Moisturizing before applying makeup help the foundation adhere to the skin better and also allows you to blend the foundation better. It also allows you to use more powder if needed to set your makeup without creating a ghostly appearance.

5-Doing Too Much To Make the Wrong Shade of Foundation Work

I am so guilty of this habit it’s low key funny and a little shameful. This adds more time to your makeup application because you now have to contour excessively if the foundation is too light or highlight excessive if the foundation is too dark in order for the foundation to match your skin tone.

Firstly combat this issue by finding out what your skin

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